Collaborative Research: Hybrid Flow-Sediment-Structure Interaction Analysis of Extreme Scour due to Coastal Flooding
PIs: Majid  Ghayoomi (University of New Hampshire), Tian-Jian (Tom) Hsu (University of Delaware), Ali Farhadzadeh (Stonybrook University)
NSF Award ID: 2050808

MRI: Development of a Shared-Use Experimental Platform to Study Wind, Hydrodynamic, and Biochemical Conditions in the Littoral Zone During Extreme Coastal Storms
PIs: Brian Phillips, Forrest Masters, Elise Morrison, Maitane Olabarrieta Lizaso, Britt Raubenheimer (University of Florida)
NSF Award ID: 2215297

Collaborative Research: Experimental Quantification of Tsunami-driven Debris Damming on Structures
PIs: Hyoungsu Park (University of Hawaii), Sabarethinam Kameshwar (Louisiana State University)
NSF Award ID: 2203131

Collaborative Research: Understanding Hybrid Green-Gray Coastal Infrastructure Processes and Performance Uncertainties for Flood Hazard Mitigation
PIs: Tori Tomiczek (US NAVAL Academy), Dan Cox (Oregon State University)
NSF Award ID: 2110439

Mid-scale RI-1 (M1:DP): National Full-Scale Testing Infrastructure for Community Hardening in Extreme Wind, Surge, and Wave Events (NICHE)
PIs: Arindam Chowdhury (Florida International University), Tracy Kijewski-Correa (University of Notre Dame), Forrest Masters (University of Florida), Pedro Lomonaco (Oregon State University), Catherine Gorle (Stanford University)
NSF Award ID: 2131961

CAREER: Climate Resilient Landslide Repair on Expansive Soil Using Vetiver Grass
PIs: Mohammad Sadik Khan (Jackson State University)
NSF Award ID: 2046054


The Emerald Tutu
PIs: Gabriel Cira (Northeastern University) and Julia Hopkins (Northeastern University)
NSF Award ID: 2016199

CAREER: Accelerating Real-time Hybrid Physical-Numerical Simulations in Natural Hazards Engineering with a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)-driven Paradigm
PIs: Barbara Simpson (Oregon State University)
NSF Award ID: 2145665

Infrared Remote Sensing of Cooling Whitecap Foam to Quantify Wave Breaking and Aeration
PIs: Christopher Chickadel, Christopher Bassett, Andrew Jessup (University of Washington)
NSF Award ID: 2048616


The Emerald Tutu
PIs: Gabriel Cira (Northeastern University) and Julia Hopkins (Northeastern University)
NSF Award ID: 2016199

Understanding and Quantifying Structural Loading from Tsunami-Induced Debris Fields
PI: Michael Motley (University of Washington)
NSF Award ID: 1933184


Experimental Investigation of Wave, Surge, and Tsunami Transformation over Natural Shorelines
PI: Tori Johnson (U.S. Naval Academy)
NSF Award ID: 1825080
DesignSafe Project IDs: PRJ-2143, PRJ-3218

Vertical Evacuation Structures Subjected to Sequential Earthquake and Tsunami Loadings
PIs: Dawn Lehman (University of Washington), Charles Roeder (University of Washington), Pedro Arduino (University of Washington), Michael Motley (University of Washington).
NSF Award ID: 1726326


Collaborative Research: Implementation Strategies and Performance of Unsaturated Bio-Cemented Dune Sand
PIs: T. Matthew Evans (Oregon State University), Brina Montoya (North Carolina State University)
NSF Award IDs: 1933355 and 1933350

Collaborative Research: Physics of Dune Erosion during Extreme Wave and Storm-Surge Events
PIs: J. Puleo, T. Hsu, R.Feagin, D. Cox, M. Wengrove
NSF Award IDs: 1756714, 1756477 and 1756449

Collaborative Research: Wave, Surge, and Tsunami Overland Hazard, Loading and Structural Response for Developed Shorelines
PIs: Daniel Cox (Oregon State University), Andre Barbosa (Oregon State University), Patrick Lynett (University of Southern California), Roger Ghanem (University of Southern California), Andrew Kennedy (University of Notre Dame)
NSF Award IDs: 1661315, 1661052 and 1661015
DesignSafe Project IDs: PRJ-3157, PRJ-3197, PRJ-3213


Transient Rip Current Dynamics: Laboratory Measurements and Modeling of Surfzone Vorticity
PIs: Melissa Moulton (University of Washington), Nirnimesh Kumar (University of Washington)
NSF Award ID: 1735460

Collaborative Research: Physical Modeling of Submarine Volcanic Eruption Generated Tsunamis
PIs: Hermann Fritz (Georgia Institute of Technology), Josef Dufek (Georgia Institute of Technology)
NSF Award ID: 1563217

Runups of Unusual Size: Predicting Unexpectedly Large Swash Events
PIs: H. Tuba Ozkan-Haller (Oregon State University), Peter Ruggiero (Oregon State University), Robert Holman (Oregon State University)
NSF Award ID: 1459049

CAREER: Advancing Multi-Hazard Assessment and Risk-Based Design for Offshore Wind Energy Technology
PIs: Andrew Myers (Northeastern University)
NSF Award ID: 1552559


Collaborative Research: Numerical and Probabilistic Modeling of Aboveground Storage Tanks Subjected to Multi-Hazard Storm Events
PIs: Jamie Padgett (Rice University), Clinton Dawson (University of Texas at Austin)
NSF Award ID: 1635784 and 1635115
DesignSafe Project ID: PRJ-1293

Telescopic structural flood walls
PI: Jorge Cueto (Smart Walls Construction LLC)
NSF Award ID: 1621727

Collaborative Research: Nonlinear Long Wave Amplification in the Shadow Zone of Offshore Islands
PI: Costas Synolakis (University of Southern California), Patrick Lynett (University of Southern California), James Kaihatu (Texas A&M University)
NSF Award IDs: 1538624 and 1538190

Probabilistic Assessment of Tsunami Forces on Coastal Structures
PI: Michael Motley (University of Washington), Marc Eberhard (University of Washington), Pedro Arduino (University of Washington)
NSF Award ID: 1536198
DesignSafe Project ID: PRJ-1306


Collaborative Research: Fundamental Mechanics and Conditional Probabilities for Prediction of Hurricane Surge and Wave Loads on Elevated Coastal Structures
PIs: Daniel Cox (Oregon State University), John van de Lindt (Colorado State University)
NSF Award IDs: 1301016 and 1266101
DesignSafe Project ID: PRJ-2131

Previous Projects

Collaborative Research: Large-scale laboratory investigation and numerical modeling of sheet flow sediment transport dynamics across a surf zone sand bar
PIs: Dan Cox (Oregon State University), Jack Puleo (University of Delaware), Tian-Jian (Tom) Hsu (University of Delaware)
NSF Award IDs: 1356978 and 1356855
DesignSafe Project ID: PRJ-1740

NEESR: Interaction of Tsunamis with Short Waves and Bottom Sediment - Numerical and Physical Modeling
PIs: James Kaihatu (Texas A&M University), Alexandru Sherement (Texas A&M University)
NSF Award ID: 1208147

NEESR: Tsunami Run-up and Withdrawal Dynamics on a Sloping Beach with Discontinuous Macro- Roughness
PI: Jennifer Irish (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)
NSF Award ID: 1206271

NEESR: Tsunami Induced Coherent Structures and their Impact on our Coastal Infrastructure
PIs: Diane Foster (University of New Hampshire), Tian-Jian (Tom) Hsu (University of New Hampshire), Patrick Lynett (University of New Hampshire)
NSF Award ID: 1135026

NEESR-CR: Impact Forces from Tsunami-Driven Debris
PIs: H. Ronald Riggs (University of Hawaii Manoa), Marcelo Kobayashi (University of Hawaii Manoa), Clay Naito (Lehigh University), Dan Cox (Oregon State University)
NSF Award ID: 1041666
DesignSafe Project ID: NEES-2010-0942

NEESR-SD: Measuring Runup and Bed Shear Stress Using Long Stroke Wave-Makers
PI: Philip Liu (Cornell University)
NSF Award ID: 1041541

NEESR-CR: Tsunami Generation by Landslides: Integrating Laboratory Scale Experiments, Numerical Models and Natural Scale Applications
PI: Hermann Fritz (Georgia Tech Research Corporation)
NSF Award ID: 0936603

NEESR Payload: Dissipation of Long-Wave Energy by Discontinuous Macro-Roughness Representing Forested Areas
PI: Jennifer Irish
NSF Award ID: 0936595

NEESR Payload: Determining the Added Hazard Potential of Tsunamis by Interaction with Ocean Swell and Wind Waves
PI: James Kaihatu (Texas A&M University)
NSF Award ID: 0936579

COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH: Smart Sediment Grains and the Incipient Motion of Coastal Heterogeneous Sediments
PI: Diane Foster (University of New Hampshire)
NSF Award ID: 0933409

NEESR II: Mitigating the Risk of Coastal Infrastructure through understanding Tsunami-Structure Interaction and Modeling
PIs: Dan Cox (Oregon State Univeristy), Rakesh Gupta (Oregon State University), John van de Lindt (Colorado State University), Francisco Aguiniga (Texas A&M University Kingsville)
NSF Award ID: 0830378