User Rates


User rates for NHERI Projects

There is no cost for entitled Users to perform experiments at the NHERI CWST-EF. This includes participation of the EF associated staff, use of resources and equipment, existing instrumentation and tools.

All costs associated to the model construction, installing, handling, modification, recovery and disposal is NOT included and should be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Personnel of the NHERI CWST-EF will be happy to assist in the design and procurement of the test specimen, as well as pursuing the best quality at a competitive cost. Payments associated to the model can be handled directly by the User or by the EF, in such case a recharge invoice will be issue to the Users’ Institution at the end of the project.

Non-standard instrumentation is also NOT included in the User access to the NHERI CWST-EF. Again, personnel of the EF will be happy to assist in the proper selection of the new instrument, and provide support to connect it to the EF Data Acquisition System.

Additionally, cost of transportation, lodging, taxes and living expenses are also NOT included, and should be covered and considered by the User as part of the project expenses.

User rates for non-NHERI Projects (Testing services)

For non-NHERI Users, the full rate is $4,070 per day for testing services.

Project costs are based on full use of facility, equipment, and staff assistance. A minimum 10% or $407/day of estimated facility use is charged to each project based upon the effort of experiment design work with client prior to actual experiment occurring at the facility. A letter of intent will be submitted detailing the estimated cost of any project and specifying the design fee amount. Facility time will not be scheduled until the design fee is received.

Additional charges are assessed for personnel, materials, outside services, equipment rental and purchases in accordance with the needs of each specific research project.

The User Rate is published in accordance to OSU policies in the External OSU Fee Book.